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Stock Vs. Custom Trucks: Which Is Right For Your Department?

Posted in Blog on July 25, 2017

When it comes time to purchase a new fire truck for your department, making the right decision can require a lot of effort. It is important to research all options so that the truck you buy fits the needs of your community. To aid with decision making, we want to outline some advantages to purchasing stock trucks as well as the benefits to ordering custom. These points should be considered to make the right decision for your department.

Purchasing Stock Trucks

The biggest advantage to purchasing a stock fire truck is that your department can acquire and begin using the truck right away. This is great if your purchasing decision is on a timetable. The stock truck can be viewed in person and purchased quickly. To see Midwest Fire trucks in person, simply contact our facility directly and we can send you to a fire department nearest you that is utilizing one of our trucks.

It’s important to note that our completed stock trucks can still be customized to a certain extent to fit your needs. Various options can be added to our stock trucks after they are completed such as slide out trays, ladder racks, extended bumpers, rear view cameras, and other options.

Seeing a fire apparatus in person is a benefit as well. It is nice to know exactly what you are going to get. We also welcome visitors to our manufacturing facility to see our trucks currently in production and browse existing inventory ready for immediate delivery. Of course, the other major advantage to buying a stock truck is that the cost will be lower than a custom truck. If your department is working with a tight budget, stock trucks may be the way to go. Midwest Fire sells directly to their customers which allows us to keep costs down for our customers.

Choosing a Custom Truck

Although buying a custom truck can cost you more, your fire apparatus can include everything you need to serve your community. Get exactly what you want with our extensive options and specific instructions for our build team. In the event that Midwest Fire has the chassis available in stock, the build time would be even less. A custom-built fire truck will take more planning from your department, but that forethought will produce the fire apparatus your department needs!

Considering the benefits to buying a stock or custom fire apparatus is important when making your purchasing decision. Whether you decide on a stock or custom truck, the same quality and craftsmanship goes into every apparatus we build! We have taken firefighters’ ideas and incorporated them into a winning versatile package with the best price point in the industry.

Midwest Fire is always here as knowledgeable allies to help you acquire the right fire truck for your needs. Contact us today!

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