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As a contract-awarded member of Sourcewell, Midwest Fire fulfills the burden of the bid process required by most agencies for purchasing new apparatus, especially those using purchasing grants.  Sourcewell simplifies the process for departments by offering a variety of contract-awarded vendors from whom to attain and review bids. Customers who choose Midwest Fire will still receive the personal care we are known for when they choose to move forward with us.

Looking to purchase through Sourcewell and have questions about our trucks? Want to learn more about the purchasing process?  Please contact our Sourcewell Coordinator, Newt Johnson, at or 800.344.2059

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers about Sourcewell

  • Is Sourcewell a government agency?

Yes. Sourcewell is a service cooperative created by the Minnesota legislature as a local unit of government (Minn. Const. art. XII, sec. 3). Sourcewell is governed by local elected municipal officials and school board members. Minn. Stat. § 123A.21 Subd. 4 (2017). As a public agency, all Sourcewell employees are government employees.

  • Who can participate in Sourcewell?

All education and government entities, as well as nonpublic schools and nonprofit organizations, can register with Sourcewell as a participating agency by completing a simple online registration form.

  • How is Sourcewell governed?

Board of Directors governs Sourcewell and is elected by full-voting members from a pool of county commissioners, city council members, mayors, or school board members from our five-county service area.

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