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  • “Working with Midwest Fire during our purchase of a new Tanker was a seamless process for us. Being a Fire Chief for less than a year and being tasked with purchasing a new Tanker can be a daunting task. What started as an ad in an apparatus newspaper turned into the perfect fit for our department...”  Read More

    Philip CLoutier- Fire Chief

    Gorham Fire and EMS
    Gorham, New Hampshire
  • “As the chief of the fire department that built this truck with the help of Midwest Fire, I can only say it’s the best buying experience I’ve personally had with a company. A company that cares about your needs. Their service after a sale is second to none. I like to thank Sarah Atchison and her team for an awesome tanker pumper; we are customers for life...”  Read More

    Mike Aleshire- Chief

    Lake Volunteer Fire Department
    Lake, WV
  • “I was operating that truck last night! There were some huge pumper/tankers on the scene that were extremely long. This rig was the cats meow! Easy to maneuver and fit into tight places. A lot of firefighters commented on this truck and couldn't believe what we paid for it...”  Read More

    Moto Maguire

    Greenfield Vol. Fire Dept
    Greenfield, NH
  • “At every step of the process Midwest Fire constantly provides a great apparatus buying experience. The team at Midwest Fire is very easy to connect with. They really try to work with you to ensure you are getting the apparatus you want. The team is quick to respond to any and all needs...”  Read More

    David Woodrick- Fire Chief

    Franktown Fire Department
    Franktown, Colorado
  • “This was a great experience working with Midwest Fire. We are 11 hours away from their facility and everyone was always a phone call away and spent all the time we needed to make sure we had what we needed for our new truck. Joe and Kraig made all the difference in the time they spent with us. Delivery of the truck was ahead of schedule and they made it very convenient for us to take delivery...”  Read More

    Matt Smithmyer- Fire Chief

    Lyons-Royalton Fire Department
    Lyons, Ohio
  • “Of all my years in the fire service this was the easiest transaction I have ever made. From start to finish it was unbelievable. The tanker we received surpassed my expectations. Sarah did a phenomenal job at choosing her team. Joseph should be proud of the truck he designed. Kraig should be extremely thrilled with the truck he built. I know we are blessed to have worked with Midwest.”

    Scott Jaeger – Chief

    Monroe township fire
    Monroe Center, IL
  • “Where do I start? We began the process in July of 2019 specing out a new 2,000 gallon tanker for our second station. We had questions and Joe H. had the answers- every single answer. Lots of back and forth between the members on what we needed for the community and Joe made sure it was done...”  Read More

    Chad Cole – Captain

    Zionville Volunteer Fire Department
    Zionville, North Carolina
  • “On Halloween evening we were paged for large rural barn fire outside of our protection district. During that almost 10 hour long call, our new Midwest tanker hauled over 10 tanks of water from our station through tough conditions including soft gravel roads and a typical farm yard. Our members could not be more impressed with the truck--it worked flawlessly for the duration of the incident...”  Read More

    Brian Loscheider

    Cologne Fire Department
    Cologne, MN
  • “Last year we decided it was time to replace our 35 year old tanker. We looked at what our neighboring departments had for apparatus and at some fire shows. Midwest Fire looked like the right fit for us. After talking to Jeff and adding some specs to a production tanker, we were on our way to owning a new pumper-tanker...”  Read More

    Dana Robinson- Chief

    Kanona Volunteer Fire Department
    Kanona, New York