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All standard NFPA required equipment (Lighting, Steps, Grab Rails, Etc.) shall be included.
Loose Equipment Available Upon Request

Not all available features and options are listed. Please contact an Account Representative for additional information.

Tank Size (Gallons):

Tank Size Comments:

Hydrant Fill, Rear:

Hydrant Fill, Rear Comments:

Stainless Steel Dump Valve:
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Dump Valve Comments:

Portable Tank Carrier:

Portable Tank Carrier Options:

Portable Tank Carrier Comments:

SCBA Bracket in Compartment:

SCBA Bracket Comments:

SCBA Spare Bottle Holder in Body:

SCBA Holder Comments:

Rearview Camera:

Rear View Camera Comments:

NFPA LED Warning Lights / Siren:

NFPA LED Warning Lights Comments:

Optional Q2B Siren:

Optional Q2B Siren Comments:

Scene Lights:

Scene Lights Comments:

Rear Traffic Advisor:

Rear Traffic Advisor Comments:

Telescoping Lights:


Telescoping Lights Comments:

Two Tone Chassis Paint:

Chassis Paint Comments:

Pumphouse Comments:


Pump Comments:

Pump GPM:

Pump GPM Comments:

Discharge Options (Side Discharges Incl):
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Discharge Options Comments:


Monitor Comments:

Foam System:

Foam System Comments:

Pumphouse Heater and Heat Pan:

Pumphouse Heater Comments:


Hosebed Comments:

Crosslay Preconnects:

Crosslay Preconnects Comments:

Hard Suction Hose:

Hard Suction Hose Comments:

Ground Ladders:

Ground Ladder Comments:

Hose Reel:

Hose Reel Comments:

Chassis (Doors):

Chassis Brand:

Chassis Comments:

Automatic Tire Chains:

Extended Front Bumper with Hosewell:

Battery and Air Supply: