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Stock Unit Myths

Posted in Company News on July 22, 2020

Stock units- we sell a ton of them! Departments love these stock units! Sometimes departments have reservations that you get what you get and that’s probably the case with many dealers, however our direct sales approach allows us to offer customization. Dealers may not offer customization, but we do! At Midwest Fire, we want to address any concerns you may have about purchasing a stock unit fire apparatus.

All-Poly Series 3000 Ready for Immediate Delivery

A common misconception about stock units is that they don’t offer customization. At Midwest Fire we offer some customizations for our stock units. Various options can be added to our stock unit trucks even after they are completed. We have outlined a list of the top customizations that we offer on our stock units below. 

  1. Electric Dump Valves
  2. Electric Drop Tank Carrier
  3. Front Remote-Control Monitor and/or Deck Gun
  4. Telescoping Lighting
  5. Hose Reel
  6. Additional Lighting and/or Upgraded Lighting
  7. Additional Shelving
  8. Additional Direct Tank Fill
  9. Additional SCBA Bottle Holders and Brackets
  10. Foam System
  11. Additional Discharges

Call us today at 1-800-344-2059 to see what other customizations we can do to make one of our stock units a perfect fit for your department. 

Midwest Fire Brush Truck Ready for Immediate Delivery

Another common misconception about stock units is that they are a temporary solution to your department’s needs. When you think of a stock unit, you may think of an apparatus that has been sitting for a long period of time or that has been used for demonstrations. At Midwest Fire, our stock units are built into our production schedule in order for us to offer your department a truck that is ready for immediate delivery. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a stock unit is that your department can acquire and begin using the apparatus right away. Another advantage is that all our All-Poly Tanks come with a lifetime warranty because we build our apparatus to last. 

Are you looking for an apparatus that can be acquired by your department almost immediately with a lower price tag, as well as great quality and service that lasts even after the sale? Give us a call today and let one of our sales representatives answer any other questions you may have. 

Check out the stock units we offer here.

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