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South Summit Fire District Customer Spotlight

Posted in Customer Spotlights on May 8, 2017


The South Summit Fire District located in Oakley, Utah was in need of vehicles that could handle hazardous winter conditions up to 12,000 feet in elevation and be able to respond to mutual aid calls on US Forest Service lands. They serve 10,000 people in a 452 square mile radius. They have an All-Poly Tanker-Pumper 3000 along with a Midwest Fire Brush Truck.

“When I was doing my research what stood out to me about Midwest Fire is that they’re a small company who hand builds trucks at an excellent price,” said Fire Prevention Officer/Public Information Officer Scott Nagle. “Once we started the sales process Rick took amazing care of us.”

The tanker-pumper aids them in structure fires where fire hydrants aren’t present as well as transporting water for the brush truck. The brush truck is all wheel drive and can transport up to five people. It helps the firefighters maneuver over the mountainous terrain into hard to reach places in all seasons and responds to calls on an average of 3-4 times per week.

“Midwest Fire makes an exceptional product, and we appreciate the lifetime guarantee on the tanks. The customer service and professionalism of the Midwest Fire team impressed us and inspired us to make multiple purchases,” said Nagle.

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