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On Point Customer Service at Midwest Fire

Posted in Blog on January 15, 2018

This month we are posting a guest blog by Kraig Scholten, VP Project Manager at Midwest Fire:


When your department is looking to buy a new fire apparatus, we know that clear communication throughout the process is vital. Too many contacts for one piece of equipment can cause confusion, delays, and frustration on all ends. This is the main component that sets Midwest Fire apart from competitors.


Once you call us to begin the purchasing process, you’ll be working with one of our sales team members to make sure all the details of your apparatus order are right for you. Once the details of the apparatus order are finalized, your project is then handed to me.


As Vice President and Project Manager, I serve as your one point of contact to ensure your new equipment is built to your specifications. From meeting with engineers to discuss your truck’s configuration, to keeping you informed on the progress of your project, my focus at Midwest Fire is to have your apparatus built exactly the way you want it.


You can expect fast responses to questions or requests for changes on your purchase. With many dealers, there are several hoops to jump through and manufacturers to call to receive information on orders, but we eliminate this issue. Our team builds your apparatus on site. Since I am their point of contact as well as yours, you can be sure to get the right information promptly. We also give you access to our website with progress photos uploaded weekly to keep you in the loop.


Approximately four weeks before completion, I’ll contact you so we can begin to make travel arrangements for the delivery day. When your new apparatus is completed, we will pick you up at the airport and train you on the ins and outs of your new apparatus.


At Midwest Fire, our goal is to give our customers excellent craftsmanship and customer service, and I look forward to helping you along the way.

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