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Pleasant Township Fire Department Customer Spotlight

Posted in Customer Spotlights on November 6, 2017

When Pleasant Township Fire Department was due for a new Tanker-Pumper, Supervisor Mike Willis alludes that Midwest Fire was the only obvious choice.  As a Navistar International employee himself, he had worked on Midwest apparatus in the past and knew first-hand the exceptional quality.

In 2015, the department purchased an All-Poly® Tanker-Pumper 3000 and included a few upgrades such as a backup camera and 36” Telescoping Dump Chutes. Pleasant Township Fire Department services over 42 road miles within their town and an additional 10 miles of a neighboring town. Going out on two to three calls a week, this truck stays busy and reliable, helping to save lives and land in the Pleasant community.

“The customer service from Midwest Fire was excellent. Anything I had a question on, and there weren’t many because they were so detailed, they were able to answer. Jeff was great throughout the building process,” says Willis.

When they had a local shop look at their truck for a part, the associate appreciated the quality of the craftsmanship. Willis notes that most companies have switched to cheaper options for parts and materials, but Midwest has maintained amazing craft and quality to the tankers they create. He especially appreciated delivery day of the truck. The staff welcomed him at the airport, took him on a tour see the facilities where the trucks are made, and treated him like their own. “They’ve made it an excellent experience.”

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