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Orange City Fire Department Customer Spotlight

Posted in Customer Spotlights on June 27, 2018

When Orange City Fire Department received a FEMA grant for a new apparatus to serve their rural community Midwest Fire was first on the radar because the department was looking to buy locally.

Orange City Fire Department is located around 50 miles from Midwest Fire so they were able to incorporate face to face visits instead of tracking all the progress over the phone and email. In 2009, they purchased an All-Poly PT2 (Now known as the All-Poly Series 2000) with an elliptical tank with three dump valves built on a single axel so that it would be more versatile for maneuvering over farm land.

According to Orange City Fire Department Fire Chief Dennis VanderWel, “We purchased through Jeff Bowen and he was great. Questions were answered quickly and we had a lot of team work involved.”

The apparatus serves a territory that is 56 square miles and also dispatches for mutual aid calls to neighboring towns. It goes out on average 1-2 times a month and is frequently used in the spring and fall and during dry summers. Dry summers are critical because most farmers have adopted no till farming technique and the remainder of the crops corn stalks left behind are highly flammable.

VanderWel also commented on the customer service, “After a couple of years we had a top panel come loose due to high winds. Midwest Fire told us to bring it back and they’d take care of it. The panel was repaired free of charge. We couldn’t ask for easier people to work with.”

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