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International Women’s Day 2020

Posted in Blog on March 8, 2020

For nearly 100 years, women all around the world have participated annually to stand behind those that have sacrificed so that women can have the freedom and rights they do today. It’s no doubt we’ve come a long way- Midwest Fire is evidence of that. 

Sarah Atchison, CEO

Midwest Fire is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB). Sarah Atchison, President and CEO of our company, has worked diligently to grow our company into a well-respected fire apparatus manufacturer. Midwest Fire has received numerous awards as a direct result of Atchison’s efforts with the exceptional team she has assembled. As the CEO, Atchison works directly with her Production, Engineering, Project Management and Sales teams to ensure they have everything required to be successful. 

“I work each day to assist the Midwest Fire team with different challenges they need to overcome. I communicate daily with our Production Manager, Charlie Dilly. I am consistently researching and coordinating training for the production team, and work with them to ensure we have a safe work environment. I also work with key vendors to ensure materials are delivered in a timely manner and it meets quality expectations.” 

-Sarah Atchison, CEO & President 

Atchison has been recognized for her efforts and accomplishments at Midwest Fire and within the industry. She was a finalist along for the Executive of the Year Award at the Minnesota Business Manufacturing Awards. The award recognizes an individual who has made major accomplishments in Minnesota’s Manufacturing Industry in the past few years. Minnesota Business Editor in Chief Steve LeBeau states, “Manufacturing is an aggressive industry and Atchison has adapted and prospered. We are very impressed with her career.” 

Midwest Fire has been recognized because of Atchison’s leadership and her team’s efforts. The company has made Prairie Business Magazine’s Annual 50 Best Places to Work List three times in the last five years. Midwest Fire has also been named a finalist (twice) in the Small Business Category of Minnesota Business Magazine’s “Made in Minnesota Manufacturing Awards.”

“I am so fortunate to be working alongside an incredible team at Midwest Fire Equipment & Repair Company and I credit them for our success and the awards we’ve received as a business,” said Atchison.

Midwest Fire has a team of successful women employed at the company. Among those women is Darcie Johnson, Vice President & Office Manager.  She is leading the way for women in the industry as well. Johnson works with Atchison in helping to execute the various tasks and she oversees our purchasing process. Darcie is involved in the production & manufacturing side of the business too. She works with our Production, Engineering & Project Management (PEP) team to ensure manufactured parts, components and assemblies order are received correctly and on a timely basis. Johnson oversees Project Management, which is a unique process and a critically important one to ensuring a great customer experience.

Darcie Johnson, Vice President

 “At Midwest Fire I work behind the scenes to ensure our team has the tools necessary to deliver on time and with great customer service. I’m zealous in my efforts to carry out Midwest Fire’s vision of providing our firefighting customers a high quality, best value product and superior customer service. I look for opportunities to acquire more knowledge and never turn down a challenge.”

-Darcie Johnson, Vice President & Office Manager

Johnson made Prairie Business Magazine’s 40 Under 40 List. The award recognizes 40 of the top business professionals under the age of 40 in the Dakotas and western Minnesota. The list is made up of entrepreneurs, industry experts, executives, and nonprofit and community leaders. 

“I’m elated to have a member of our team make the list,” said Atchison, “Darcie plays a prominent role in the company’s success and we are proud of the progress she has made growing herself professionally. It is an honor to work with her.” 

Sarah Atchison and Darcie Johnson work hand in hand with each other and are heavily involved with our Leadership Team working together to make the right decisions for our company. Their diverse strengths and consistent effort help lead the way, not only in our company, but also in the industry. It’s no doubt that Atchison and Johnson are leading the way for women in manufacturing. 

Today we take the time to recognize the efforts of women in the industry all over the globe. We reflect on the efforts of women all throughout history that have helped us get to where we are today. We are proud to have women like Sarah Atchison and Darcie Johnson on the Midwest Fire team blazing a trail for women in manufacturing and a male dominated industry. 

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