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Improving Midwest Fire’s Bid Process with HGACBuy

Posted in Blog on December 15, 2017

In a special guest blog, Jeff Bowen – Account Representative & HGAC Coordinator at Midwest Fire – describes the relationship between Midwest Fire and HGACBuy:

When it’s time for a fire department to buy new apparatus or equipment, many times the process can be lengthy, tedious, and expensive. 


In November of 2015, Midwest Fire announced that it completed all the requirements for the Houston-Galveston Area Council, Cooperative Purchasing Program HGACBuy. By their own definition, HGACBuy functions as a local unit of government that strives to make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts for goods and services and providing customer service to meet the needs of members.


Though HGACBuy is a Texas-based cooperative purchasing program, most states are capable of utilizing it when government entities execute an Interlocal Contract. This document sets out the conditions, requirements, and processes through which an entity’s purchase orders are received, confirmed to contract and processed. Essentially, customers directly pay the contractor (Midwest Fire). However, HGACBuy acts as the purchasing agent, ensuring all specifications and contracts are satisfied.


How does HGACBuy function to make life easier for Midwest Fire Customers? There

are many ways, but possibly the most prominent difference customers will see is in the bid process.


All Midwest Fire apparatus and options listed have undergone a rigorous bid process to become approved by the program. Customers will still receive the personal and customized service Midwest Fire is known for, but with the added benefits that HGACBuy offers. The two categories Midwest Fire chose to incorporate into the program are products under the umbrella of Wildland Fire Apparatus (Brush Fire) and Pumper/Tankers & Tankers.


HGACBuy has acquired the resources to offer an expedited procurement process to prevent being delayed for months while preparing for specifications and completing all necessary requirements for bids and proposals. Now, prospective customers can quickly see prices on the HGACBuy website, saving weeks and even months of time in the purchasing process.


There is no charge to become a member with HGACBuy with the intent to purchase,

except for an administrative fee assessed to Midwest Fire. For prospective customers, the cooperation of Midwest Fire and HGACBuy leads to a more streamlined and affordable road to new apparatus purchases.


If you would like to purchase through HGACBuy or have any questions about the program, please contact Midwest Fire’s HGACBuy Coordinator, Jeff Bowen, at or 800-344- 2059.