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Getting Started When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Posted in Blog on February 4, 2021

By Rich Gasaway, Sales Representative

The thought of buying a new truck for your community is a big responsibility and can trigger emotions ranging from ecstatic to terrified depending on how many trucks you have experience purchasing.  Unless you are a fleet manager buying new trucks every year, the process can be intimidating and overwhelming and that’s understandable. It’s a big purchase and you’ll have to live with your decisions for a long time.

Having served as a firefighter for 33 years (including 22 years as the chief), I can relate to your run of emotions.  I have been there. Along the way I’ve had some great buying experiences and I’ve had some that were less than memorable.  As I reflect back on it, the deciding factor was the commitment the salesperson showed to my needs.  

Call me needy, but I like it when a salesperson makes me feel like I’m their most important customer.  The three departments I served on were all small – the kind of department that might buy a new truck every 7-10 years.  I wasn’t ever going to be their biggest customer.  But the great salespersons made me feel that way. 

A good way to get started on your journey is to visit the manufacturer’s website to see if they build the type of truck you are looking for. The website should have a list of recent deliveries that includes some information about each truck. Some websites will have a form you can fill out to let the salesperson know what you’re looking for.  

On the Midwest Fire website, we have an easy to use feature called “Create-a-Spec.” It only takes a few minutes to fill out and the information you provide gives the salesperson a good idea of what you’re looking for.  You can then expect a prompt follow-up to clarify the features and options you want on your new truck. 

Following that discussion, the salesperson will develop a no-obligation quote that includes all the features you discussed.  And there you have it.  You’re well on your way to building a new truck with a service-focused salesperson who will make you feel like you’re their most important customer.

A great salesperson will be genuinely interested in easing your anxiety, being with you every step of the way and making sure you buy the right truck that serves your community well and makes your members proud for years to come.

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