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Four Exciting Activities to Promote Your Fire Department

Posted in Blog on May 18, 2017

As a fire department, summer is the perfect time to reach out and make an impression on the neighborhoods around your community. Creative activities will engage the community and inspire people to get educated on fire safety and rescue services. Take a look at some exciting activities that will help promote your fire department below.

  1.     Host a Muster Event

A muster event promotes regional fire and rescue services. It can consist of educational demonstrations, live entertainment, food, fire truck shows, raffles, contests, and competitive events. Performed by members of the regional fire and rescue services, the competitive events can include obstacle courses, ladder climbs, hose demonstrations against the clock, tug of war, and more competitions centered on vital skills of fire and rescue teams.


Not only can fire and rescue professionals use a muster event to demonstrate their service and life-saving skills, this experience can be an exciting and thrilling way of engaging with the community.


  1.     Plan a Parade

A parade can be the perfect way to celebrate the service of fire and rescue teams and to connect with the community. Beyond handing out candy, flyers, and ice cream, this can be the perfect time for your team to show off and demonstrate fire equipment, educate the community, and show station pride.



  1.     Create a Child’s Obstacle Course

Children often view firefighters as physically fit, quick-thinking heroes. In order to engage a future generation of firefighters and positive citizens, educate them on what firefighting and rescue services can offer the community. Create events that center on promoting rescue education and physical fitness activities. Obstacle courses can help children get into the mindset of firefighters. Include kid-friendly activities that test their smarts, agility, speed, and quick-decision making skills. Check out some of our favorite obstacle course ideas here.




  1.     Build Meaningful Relationships

In addition to serving the community, strive to build relationships with community members. Make connections with local business owners and employees in order to build a sense of trust and open communication. Aim to build relationships with schools, churches, service clubs, and more. Host an open house to build connections with families from the neighborhood so they can see how the firefighters serve and protect the community. Aim to make yourselves prominent in the community.


Connecting to the community with a variety of exciting new activities can make your presence and impact on the community even more pronounced and meaningful. For more information on rescue resources and firefighting apparatus, visit Midwest Fire today.


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