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At Home Fire Prevention Activities for You and Your Kids

Posted in Blog on September 19, 2017

Midwest Fire is at the top of the pack when it comes to fighting fires, but we would rather fires never happened in the first place. October 8th – 14th is Fire Prevention Week and we want to encourage each household to involve their kids. Do these quick activities with your kids at home to teach them about fire prevention and keep them safe.


The “Know Two Ways Out” Game

The best way to prevent a tragedy when there is a fire at home is plan ahead with an escape route. Each member of the family should know two ways out of each room in the house. Play a game where you go to each room and brainstorm ways you could escape in the event of a fire. When you have come up with two ways out, practice enacting them as well as other best practices to prevent the spread of fire.


  • Close doors behind you as you leave – this may slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire
  • If you have fire on you, practice stop, drop, and roll
  • Practice staying low to the ground
  • Have your children enact as much of the escape process as they can and even practice it without your help
  • Once you escape outside, stay there. Never go back inside a burning building for stuff left behind

Fire Sticker Fun

It is important for your children to understand what causes fires to prevent accidentally starting one. Go to the store and buy a pack of stickers that look like flames, fire trucks, or something of the sort. Give your child the pack of stickers and walk through the house with them pointing out appliances, ignition sources, and outlets – anything that could potentially start a fire. For each item pointed out, have your child put a fire sticker on it. It will help them remember what is dangerous and be used as an opportunity to discuss how to use those items in your home safely.


For more ideas on how to get your kids involved in Fire Prevention Week, visit Pinterest! Get creative and collaborate with your children’s teachers or local fire department to make a big impression.