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The Direct Sales Difference from Midwest Fire

Posted in Blog on February 13, 2018

Picture this: you set out to buy a new car, but instead of going the traditional route of working with dealers and salesmen, you decide to elevate your experience: You want to go custom.

After researching and asking around, you find a manufacturer who not only lets you customize your new ride but also keeps you updated with pictures and updates of the vehicle as it’s being crafted just for you. Changed your mind about a decal? Have a question about the process? No problem. This company can make changes and get you the answers you need in a matter of hours.


Direct Sales, Direct Service

Why play out this scenario? Because this is the direct sales difference—the Midwest Fire difference. As a direct seller of fire apparatus, we cut out the middleman to deliver you top-notch communication and customer service throughout the entire building process and beyond delivery with our inspection and repair division.


Fast Responses – Right From Our Luverne, MN Facility

Your apparatus is engineered and crafted on location, meaning any questions or concerns can usually be addressed within hours, not days, as is the case with many dealers. With fewer hands touching your project, we can save you money on your department’s investment.


Drop the Dealer Fees

It goes without saying that when purchasing a new car, a large sum of the cost is associated with dealer fees. The case is the same for most apparatus dealers – except Midwest Fire. The ability to bypass this added expense is just another benefit of servicing our customers directly.



Getting to Know Your New Apparatus

Once your apparatus is completed to your specifications, we can show you around our manufacturing facility and introduce you to the craftsmen behind it all, should you choose to come to our facility for delivery. We know your apparatus better than anyone else, and upon delivery training, you will, too.


To discuss further how the direct sales difference can impact your department, please contact us at 800.344.2059 or