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Best companies have shared values

Posted in Company News on September 8, 2023

By Carrie McDermott

Employers that have collaborative working environments and support a healthy work-life balance, among other benefits, rose to the top and made our list of 50 Best Places to Work.

Employers that encourage their teams to cultivate relationships with customers and clients, show appreciation for a job well done, have collaborative working environments and support a healthy work-life balance, among other benefits, rose to the top and made our list of 50 Best Places to Work.

We received 1,560 nominations from employees who wrote passionately about their places of business. They shared many positive attributes of their companies, whether in health care, the financial sector, construction or consulting.

These excellent companies work hard to reward and provide incentives to their employees. They are flexible for those with busy schedules. They promote from within and provide training and development opportunities for employees. They create team-building activities and social events that bring everyone together, ranging from picnics and bicycling to boating and golf events. These companies support and encourage their employees at all levels of their careers.

Here are a few excerpts from this year’s nominations:

A nomination for Construction Engineers in Grand Forks, North Dakota, states, “CE employees and the company ‘do the right thing’, and I see it often. Their business practices take the ‘high-road’ versus what is trendy or what might be most profitable. I continue to feel pride in a company that does the right thing consistently.”

From an employee at Cornerstone Bank, North Dakota and South Dakota: “There are endless opportunities to learn and grow here. The Leadership Skills Development Program as well as the mentorship program are awesome. We have internal training sessions on a weekly basis. We are encouraged and supported to attend external trainings and conferences.”

And a nomination for Midwest Fire Equipment & Repair in Luverne, Minnesota, states, “It feels good to work at Midwest Fire knowing we are providing equipment that saves lives and property. It’s so rewarding when a customer sends us a photo of their truck in action saving a building. Knowing we have such an impact makes working at Midwest Fire extremely rewarding. It’s satisfying to know we play a part in such valuable work.”

A company’s culture can be defined by the values it places on its employees, clients and partners. A great company’s leadership will ensure it emphasizes integrity alongside productivity, inclusiveness and diversity. Great benefits and compensation packages, flexible PTO, opportunities for growth and development, and community support are all attributes workers appreciate from their employers.

If an employee is excited about their job, they’ll tell their friends and may even help recruit top talent. They’ll go the extra mile for their employer. The result is a better company with less turnover and more forward-thinking innovation.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating this year’s top companies. It’s an honor to recognize them in Prairie Business.

Thank you to all the employees who took the time to send in their nominations and congratulations to this year’s 50 Best Places to Work!

Until next time,
Carrie McDermott

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