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Announcing the New All-Poly Series Pumper

Posted in Blog on February 21, 2018

Our customers will be pleased to know that Midwest Fire is now carrying an All-Poly Pumper to complement our existing line of All-Poly Tankers, Tanker Pumpers, Quick Attacks, and Brush Trucks.


The polypropylene construction makes these vehicles rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and lightweight while being strong and rigid.And now the durable construction that so many rely upon is available in a Pumper with a 1,000-gallon tank with a lifetime warranty (on tank and body). See incredible video footage of these trucks being put to the test and coming out unscathed.


Other features of the Pumper include 300 cubic feet of storage space, anodized aluminum roll-up doors with integrated LED lighting, optional foam cell within the 1,000-gallon tank, stainless steel pump-house super-structure, and a hosebed that can hold 1200 feet of 2.5” hose and 500 feet of 5” hose.


There’s also a host of optional features, including generator, deck gun, winch, or specialty shelving (among many others).

Put all of these features together and you have an incredibly versatile pumper that has been designed to meet the needs of your everyday use. Download the brochure on this truck for more information and vehicle specs, or see our website for photos of pumpers that have already been delivered and put to work.


As our General Manager points out: “Our pumper line also caters to the rural departments to give them a high quality, well designed, and cost-effective truck that will meet the needs of their everyday use. We honestly believe that you will not be able to purchase a truck of this nature from our competitors at a more cost-effective price with the same quality and attention to detail as ours.”


At Midwest Fire, we work hard to be able to say that. We set ourselves apart from the competition by cultivating long-term relationships with our customers and keeping close communication through the manufacturing process. We come to know specifically what our customers want, and we are able to listen to their wish lists and deliver in innovative, cost-effective ways.


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