All-Poly® Series Tankers

What truly sets the new All-Poly® Series apart isn't its redesigned polypropylene body or its rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and lightweight design. What sets the All-Poly® Series tanker apart is its lifetime tank and body warranty. We also offer the option of conventional aluminum and stainless steel bodied tankers with a 10 year body warranty.

  • All-Poly® Series - Lifetime tank and body warranty
  • Galvanneal, Stainless Steel and Aluminum bodies are also available - 10 year body warranty
  • All-Poly® Series
    Elliptical Tanker

    • Elliptical tank
    • No hose bed
  • All-Poly® Series
    T-Style Tanker

    • "T" style tank
    • Hose bed available