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All-Poly® Series Elliptical Tanker


All-Poly® Construction

What truly sets Midwest Fire's All-Poly® Series apart isn't its redesigned polypropylene body, or its rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and lightweight design. What sets the POLY-Elliptical Tanker® apart is its lifetime tank and body warranty, with a lower price tag than conventional aluminum and stainless steel bodied tankers.

Each of the All-Poly series tankers also feature a full-height storage compartment option that isn't available on traditional metal body trucks. The picture below shows an All-Poly tanker body constructed entirely of polypropylene.

Standard Features

  • All-Poly® body and tank construction with lifetime warranty.
  • All-Poly® T style tank with full hose bed with available capacities of 1,500 to 4,000 gallons with a low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution.
  • Extruded aluminum rub-rails.
  • “Sweep out" style compartments, including door activated LED lighting, dry decking, and floor drains.
  • Anodized aluminum roll-up doors.
  • Class 1 Es-Key multi-plex system.
  • NFPA compliant warning lights and striping.
  • Direct tank fill.
  • Newton 10” stainless steel dump valves.
  • Portable tank carrier and tank.

Available Options

  • Various pump and plumbing configurations available
  • Electric dump valves and portable tank carrier
  • Hose reels, Monitors, Foam Systems
  • Pump house heater and heat pan
  • Hose trays, hose cross-lays and hose compartments
  • Hard suction hose and ladder carriers
  • Multiple compartment configurations
  • SCBA holders and brackets
  • Rear view camera
  • Multiple lighting and siren options available
  • Tire Chains, Extended Front Bumpers, Winch
  • Air and battery conditioner
  • More Options Available

Recently Delivered All-Poly® Tankers

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