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All-Poly® Series Elliptical Tanker-Pumper


All-Poly® Construction

What truly sets Midwest Fire's All-Poly® Series apart isn't its redesigned polypropylene body, or its rust-proof, corrosion-proof, and lightweight design. What sets the propylene tanker-pumper apart is its lifetime tank and body warranty, with a lower price tag than conventional aluminum and stainless steel bodied tanker-pumpers.

Each of the All-Poly series tanker-pumpers also feature a full-height storage compartment option that isn't available on traditional metal body trucks. The picture below shows an All-Poly tanker-pumper body constructed entirely of polypropylene.

Standard Features

  • All-Poly construction (tank & body) with a lifetime warranty.
  • Midwest tankers carry up to 4,000 gallons with a low center of gravity and optimized weight distribution.
  • Painted with PPG’s finest base/clear process.
  • Overhead fill and internal vent/overflow.
  • View Media Extruded aluminum rub-rails.
  • View Media Bright polished aluminum fenderettes.
  • View Media Rear tow eye.
  • View Media Sweep out style compartments made of white copolymer material, including door activated LED lighting, dry decking, and floor drains.
  • View Media R-O-M anodized aluminum roll-up doors.
  • View Media For safety, a walking surface made of serrated aluminum “Diamond Back Safety Grating”.
  • Full circular inner liners for ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • View Media NFPA compliant grab rails and large LED lighted footsteps.
  • NFPA compliant LED upper and lower level warning lights and siren.
  • Lighted "Master Control Center" in cab.
  • View Media Quad-Cluster LED combination DOT lighting as required.
  • View Media Complimenting gold leaf vinyl striping and graphic decals.
  • View Media NFPA compliant white reflective and chevron striping.
  • Mud flaps installed on rear of apparatus.
  • NFPA compliant signage as required.
  • Versatile in building on most any chassis brand, make, or model. Customer furnished chassis welcome.

Available Options

  • View Media Portable pumps (Darley, Hale, Waterous and more) are available in the tanker’s front compartment and are an excellent option to give your tanker some offensive capabilities. Pumps can be accompanied with a hose reel.
  • View Media Aluminum ladder for overhead filling.
  • View Media Rear direct tank fill available in multiple configurations and sizes, 2 ½” through 6” in diameter, located low for easy access and quick filling.
  • View Media Side and Rear 10" Newton brand full-flow dump valves attached directly to the tank with exceptional dump rate and reputation of performance. (Stainless Steel and/or Electric operation available)
  • View Media LED tank level gauge(s).
  • View Media Ergonomic stainless steel tip-down portable tank carrier and wind deflector designed with low access height and simple operation. (Fully enclosed optional)
  • View Media ZICO power assisted "Quic-Lift" tip-down portable tank carrier.
  • View Media Front and rear tow eyes.
  • View Media Various Compartment configurations available, including high-side and compartments behind the wheels.
  • View Media Various Grab rail and foot step placements available for easy maneuvering.
  • View Media NFPA compliant warning light package available in halogen or LED.
  • View Media Side and rear 50-watt “optic” scene lights strategically positioned for work area illumination.
  • View Media Rear View Cameras available with a 7” monitor.
  • View Media Hard suction storage that is simple and convenient, with multiple storage configurations available.
  • View Media Pre-connected hose trays and hose cross-lays with adjustable dividers that are conveniently oriented for quick deployment.
  • View Media Gold leaf customer lettering.
  • View Media Electric rewind hose reel and hose roller assembly.
  • View Media Extended Front Bumper. (Hose-well optional)
  • View Media Tire Chains.
  • View Media Monitor
  • Many additional options available upon request.

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