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Service Starts at the Top

Posted in Blog on April 19, 2018
Written by Midwest Fire CEO & President, Sarah Atchison
Since acquiring & becoming President and CEO of Midwest Fire in 2014, it has been my number one priority to ensure we deliver second-to-none service to every single customer. I’m sure most business leaders would agree with that statement—who doesn’t want to satisfy their customers? However, it’s my belief that for Midwest Fire customers, the best experience comes from our hands-on approach. That being said, what does my day to day involvement look like? It all starts with our customer inquiries…our leads. Every single customer lead that comes to us passes through my hands: whether it be through a request for truck specifications, through the website, trade show contacts, or other digital inquiries. I evaluate what you as an individual department are seeking in your new apparatus and if we have manufactured any trucks in towns near you for demonstration purposes. Then, I utilize that information to match you with the best sales professional for your specific department needs. Once your department and the sales professional have finalized the design plans and details for the new apparatus, one of my favorite tasks is to reach out to our customers with a phone call to make sure the sales experience was easy, efficient, and tailored to their needs. I believe in order for Midwest Fire to continue to grow and excel, we must always keep a finger on the pulse of our customer experience, and what better way to do that than to chat with customers myself? During this phone call, I also visit with you about the next step of the procurement process, which is project management. You can read more about this important & unique part of the Midwest Fire process and our Project Manager, Kraig Scholten, here. Throughout the manufacturing process, we have weekly leadership and project management meetings solely focused on staying current with the equipment being built, anticipating & addressing any issues that arise, and brainstorming about how to improve and become more effective moving forward. Once delivery day arrives, I’ll reach out to you again to ensure that the rest of the procurement process and the performance of your new equipment has met (and hopefully exceeds) your expectations. If any issues or warranty needs emerge in the future, I stay in touch with our service team and help monitor the progress of resolving your issue, guaranteeing that no detail slips through the cracks, even after the sale. Our customers are in the business of saving lives and property, and we have always been about designing and manufacturing equipment that is reliable when it really counts and will serve your department and your community for decades. At Midwest Fire, we know that personalized communication and customer service are central to providing the equipment you need, and that starts with leadership…personal, hands-on leadership. If you have any questions or would like to request a quote, please contact us at or 800-344-2059.